Bindal: The forgotten pearl

Av den 7. august 2018

So they say, there is gold in Bindal. Well that`s not all, this may be one of the most beautiful places in Europe, but it’s not to be understood before you actually are there.

We are in the south of Northern Norway, so long south that the people here had to vote if they should be a part of Nordland county og Trøndelag county. The last option would mean that they would leve the region of Northern Norway. But by luck, they voted (70%) to continue as a part of the northern region.

The people here are welcoming and proud of their heritage. Bindal is know for its forestry and for building the younger version of the vikingboats, called Nordlandsbåt, and their particulary version, the “Bindalsfæring”. At the restaurant Færingen, you can eat fresh fish from the local fishermen, just 200 meters down the street.

To come to Bindal from the north you need to take the Torghatten ferry from Vennesund. At Vennesund you can enjoy a meal at Vennesund Brygge.  There are so many things to tell about Bindal, but we let the pictures do the talking.

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